Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boycott Purina & Report Noory to the SPCA.

It's 2:46am, Tuesday, April 24. A few minutes ago we heard the latest installment in George Noory's Dog Soap Opera, brought to you by Purina One. Who I refuse to support since they use a completely irresponsible pet owner to promote their product.

By now we all know Noory claims to be an animal lover, even though he knows virtually nothing about them. And he thought it was funny when he encouraged people to kick their cats off of their beds. He is a sick, sick bastard.

We also know he's a pathological liar, so it's possible that none of the ridiculous shit he comes up with during his Purina One spots is true. I hope to God this little yellow lab, Casey, never existed. He did call Casey a "little puppy" tonight, then later said something about it not being much of a puppy anymore, but by now this dog should be pretty damn big.

Low these many months of worrying about this poor little dog in Noory's completely incapable care, we assumed this little dog was kept in Noory's home - possibly in a cage much of the time from the way Noory talked - and somebody came by a couple times a day to feed, walk and play with the dog.

Tonight, however, he disclosed that the entire time he's had this dog -- in St. Louis, where he spends a total of what? 3 THREE months a year? -- the dog has been kept in a kennel. Boarded.

People, I'm asking you, Who in the HELL would even consider getting a dog when they KNEW it would have to be kept in a cage 3/4 of the year, presumably FOR THE REST. OF. IT'S. LIFE.?????

People get pets as companion animals, to spend as much time with them as possible. And these three months a year Noory is in St. Louis, he's working, so he's still gone (we assume) at least 8 hours a day. Sure, sure, you could argue that some hunting enthusiasts keep 5, 10, 20, even 30 hunting dogs in kennels outdoors all the time. And that kinda bugs me, too, but those guys are hunters with dogs bred for hunting, and these nimrods spend tons of time giving these dogs a lot of attention and training them. They take good care of them in a way fairly appropriate to the dog's breed, if not within the current "comfort zone" of most coddled housepets. Those hunting dogs are happiest when hunting, or at least being outdoors running, learning and practicing what they've been bred for. With. their. owners.

But Noory's approach in general is just all wrong. The man has no business owning an animal, and whoever sold it to him should be ashamed of themselves. If it isn't already, that dog is going to be a nuerotic mess as an adult.

The only two tiny things we can console ourselves with is that, regardless of it's living conditions, at least it only has to spend 1/4 of it's life in Noory's physical presence. The other consolation is that while it did spend nearly the first year of it's life in a boarding kennel, at least then it was around people who did truly love animals and know how to behave with them. And now, he claims that the dog will "be under someone else's care" while he's gone - which will be really great for poor Casey.

That's presuming that Casey will be living in a home with people who like dogs. Hopefully Casey will soon acclimate itself to the life of a normal housepet, and upon Noory's next return home Casey will realize what a creep Noory is, bite the hand that "feeds" him and be able to return to his "other home" for the rest of his or her life, thus living happily ever after.

Somebody needs to put Noory in a fucking cage. What a creep.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a scumbag.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous TexasSteel said...

Every now and then I just have to type, "Snoory is the dumbest bastard on a national radio show. He says so many childish, stupid, and idiotic things each night I can't keep up or even remember most of them. What a shithead.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noory is an opportunist, and will do anything for money

10:38 PM  

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