Friday, March 23, 2007

George Noory is a Kind, Altruistic, Selfless Wonderful Human Being.


As if. Just wanted to get your attentions.

No worries, I just felt the need to tell a really, really big lie. I don't know what came over me. Maybe I got possessed by Noory for a second.

Eeee-yuuu. Isn't that an icky thought? If that ever happened to me, not only would I demand to be bathed in lye, I'd also need to be turned inside out and hosed down. Either that or some kind of full body internal douche with a very heavy-duty grease cutter in it.

Sorry I been layin' down on y'all for so long - I've been having a blast doing NASCAR related stuff, which includes listening to our new Sirius radio during most all of the waking hours. So I haven't been listening to the lying cocksucker much at all. Although I'm about1/2 listening right now.

Here's some food for thought- a couple nights or so ago, while hawking their new "campaign" for the Christian Children's Fund, he said they'd give away a free copy of "Worker in the Light" to the first 350 people who committed to sponsoring a kid.

I think it might have been Tuesday night that he said that - it was earlier this week for sure, though.

So. Mr. "My Book is Selling Like Hotcakes!!!" , you know the one that is still on the initial pressing of 17,000? Well, that's ONE of the figures he tossed out - I believe he's contradicted himself on that at least once, but I'd have to check my notes...

BUT!! Mr. "Hurry up and buy my book now! There's only a few left!!" , and then Mr. "Hurry up and buy my book there's only a couple thousand left!" , etc. , etc. , etc.

Mr. "I can't handle The Truth because I wouldn't know it if it kicked me in my tiny, shrivelled, hairy, Middle-Eastern balls" is once again TRYING to give his book away.

Trying to give it away. As an enticement. You know what I think is really funny? I can't remember where I heard or read it, but during the last campaign, one lady sponsored a CCF kid through the Coast to Coast campaign, but wrote a note to Noory or whoever and told them "Thanks, but no thanks."

Okay, that's all I want to think about right now - I know I should be doing a better job of keeping track of all that asshole's lies and misrepresentations and all, but I don't wanna ruin the good mood I'm in! (Big Grin!)

Plus comedian Billy Connelly is gonna be on Craig Ferguson's t.v. show in a little while, and I love Billy Connelly.

But y'all, please, please, feel free to use the "comments" sections here to post and take note of, times, dates and all, of all the bullshit that Fucktard is spewing!

I love all y'all's company, I truly do, but I neglected my NASCAR buds all winter, so .... yanno....

And for those of you who think NASCAR fans are a bunch of toothless, illiterate idiots? Sure, you get a few of those almost anywhere you go. A FEW . I'm sure Noory and his posse of California Clowns think that we're all a buncha dummies, not worthy of the profundities that spill from his lips every night.

But I'm here to testify, the stupidest of all the stupidest NASCAR fans are still fucking brain surgeons compared to Noory. And "my crew" consists of a wide variety of folks, all of whom can run intellectual rings around ol' Dixie Butcher. People who have full blown college degree that they actually earned themselves and didn't have their 19 year old, pregnant wives doing their homework for them. (!!!) Even got a couple of bonafide Professors in there.

Okay folks - green flag is waving, gotta run! Love all y'all!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya! Joined blogger so I could actually post some comments without being an anonymous f*cktard! L and I had some Nooryisms from last week but now I can't remember them, dagnabbit! Keep up the fine journalistic endeavours my sweet! I'll be around to pester y'all! (grin) Lawd, I wanted to edit my poor spelling, but I ended up deleting my first comment instead! Gah! Keep on keepin' on darlin'!

11:08 AM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Hey Neamie - love the "I Support Bloggers With Boobies" graphic and sentiment. You da Bomb!

I can appreciate your feelings about the "anonymous" folks - but a few of them have legitimate reasons why they don't wanna haveta get all hooked up & affiliated with G-blogs, G-mails, G-spots, and other G-whatnots, so, I don't mind so much.

Some of the an-nonny-mouses do leave their names & "handles" at the end of the posts, which is also fine & dandy.

And you know me - I even enjoy the occassional drive-by - especially when they come from snarky "douches". Those goobs are THE BEST and always welcome!

They prove all of our points about how ignorant Noory's fan base is; and do it far better than we can.

So to all my Anonymous posters - don't let Neamhain scare ya off! Dixie loves ya! Keep it coming! You're always welcome, whether you're a Noory fan or you can't stand the stupid s.o.b.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me?!!? Scare people?! Never! (grin) I'll behave, I promise.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so its over then..I can't compete with nascar so I'm not going to pretend to try. Isn't nascar like following the grateful dead around? Isn't it about herd mentality and seeing who can get to the stop sign the fastest?..but if thats what you really want. I can't believe its really over. I will miss you dixie. The world needs more smart sweet girls like you.

5:00 AM  

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