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"Hillbilly Psychic Angela Moore" -or-"Blame the ET's for Coast to Coast!"

Sorry for any typos or weird grammar - like Noory, I'm only half-paying attention. Typing during commercials, and 1/2 listening to Coast while I type a few things. Just like Georgie Boy! Ha haaaa! I apologize, that's not nice to treat y'all that way. :) I'm sleepy!


So tonight's show.

He has self-proclaimed "Hillbilly Psychic", Angela Moore on, and she's a real gem, but he's being his usual idiotic self. She's down in North Cackalackey (that's Carolina to you Northern folks...) somewhere, and has an absolutely wonderful accent - so pleasant to the ear, very bright and pleasant, and quite pronounced. She even said "I swannee" once, which delighted me. That's more a phrase that older folks use, you don't generally hear younger people say it unless they are waaaaaaay Southern.

I can't help but think, knowing how Noory's mind works, --or doesn't work, depending on how you look at it -- that Noory perceives himself as smarter than, or somehow superior to her because of her manner of speaking. He has often taken a superior, uppity attitude with callers who have had pronounced Southern accents. And it's very common for lots and lots of people who weren't born Southern or spent any length of time in The South to allow themselves to stereotype Southern folks. It's just human nature, Southern folks do the same thing with Northerners, Californians, etc., etc. Hell, I stereotyped Hollyweirdians not two mintues ago, so? There ya go.

But Noory is exactly the type of small minded person, and so egotistical, that he wouldn't be able to reign himself in. Wouldn't even realize he was doing it. So even though Angela is off the air now, and Noory was superficially pleasant to her, I still got the feeling he didn't take her seriously at all. There were several times when he'd interrupt to ask a question that she'd already given the answer to. Even though he didn't flagrantly patronize her, as he does some Southern people, you could tell he was a million miles away. Which was a shame, because she was utterly charming, well spoken, and I found her absolutely credible. And I rarely feel that way about psychics he has on. Almost never. I think a great many of them "have a little something", but I believe everyone has a little something.

Here's an interesting tidbit, though. Once she started taking calls, she was reading people over the phone, telling them what kind of spirits they might have around them - if any- and / or what kind of vibe, for lack of a better word, she got from that person. She came off as sincere, too - not like how that fuckin' asshole Sylvia Browne does, or Evelyn Paglini, or their ilk. So after spirit-riddled caller had just been hung up on, Angela quickly interjected to George that, "Oh, by the way!", she has strongly sensed all kinds of alien "stuff" all over him the entire time she's been speaking to him, and she's absolutely convinced that he's had some kind of alien experiences.

(For those of you with Streamlink who want to search for this audiio, it was around 2:46am) - - Noory was quick to claim he's been in a "groove" ever since he was a kid, "My entire lie has been driven..." by some unknown force, blah, blah, blah...

She says ever since she started talking to him she felt it, & she sensed it really strongly that he had all kinds of alien "stuff" - almost implying that they were crawling all over him as they spoke. Seriously, the way she spoke, it seemed like she could see him with alien "bugs" crawling all over him. She instructed him to somehow try to search within himself to try to find some clues that might help him figure it all out. I sensed that she was trying really hard to encourage him to get to the bottom of it just so she'd know what it was, as she seemed to find it very curious & intriguing. Not at all like she was pandering to him or trying to pump him up the way Sylvia Browne & other so-called psychics do with him. You know what I mean, how they tell him he was this, that or the other important person in the past or the future. The King of Atlantis or the hottest DJ in The Universe in the year 2525. Or that he's "an old soul" who is a "sage and a shaman who has lived many lives."

None of that horseshit. More like, "Ew! Dude! Did you know you have Cooties?! What's up with that?!"

Now that statement she made was both a blessing and a curse. The good thing is that the One Thing we've never heard George claim to have done is have an experience with an ET. He has stated that he's never seen a UFO, but he really wants to, so many HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of times on the air, that even he was smart enough to know he couldn't make up some kind of a lie and get away with it this time. The best he could do was say he had some kind of "groove on" with The Universe.

THE CURSE is coming. All George needs is one night to sleep on it to come up with a zillion fabrications that will make what Angela said seem true. Only with his spin on it. So it's gonna suck to have to hear all his crazy lies about how The Space Aliens have orchestrated his entire life in order for him to be where he is to deliver Their Message to the entire Planet Earth, thereby Saving the World. That as a wee child, the ET's recognized him as The Chosen One. The Savior. The Great (off) White Hope.

Gag a maggot, I can hear it all now.

Now the funny thing is, as soon as Angela started talking about the aliens having some kind of serious contact with him, I thought to myself, "Well maybe they really did! Other than Satan himself intervening, I can't think of any other explanation as to why such a talentless waste of space could possibly have risen to the professional level he is at right now." Somebody, and only something SUPERHUMAN could accomplish such a feat.

And Noory's immediate reply to Ms. Moore actually made me think that - at least right at that moment - that he himself believed that that could be the case. Of course, he didn't go at it from the angle that I did - he seemed to be going more in the direction of maybe the ETs recognized something special in him.

Mark my words, we haven't heard the last of this mess. Sorry to say.

Lord, peopleses. I've been running my mouth during commercials during this whole show. I was gonna shut it down at 2am, but Angela Moore sucked me in, then i got to typing at y'all, and now there's only a half hour left, so I may as well keep on. Who knows when I'll make it back.

Next up: That poor little puppy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Great (off) White Hope"

OMFG. I will be borrowing this from here on out. May I?! GN will now be known as this. Laura is going to LURVE this! Bless you, my child. A fantastic rant, as always.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But, of course he might actually come on the air and pretend to be "DEXTER MONTEREY" his alter ego from the future! What a fuckstick. The explanation will seem more credible this way.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous TexasSteel said...


Did you hear Idiot Snoory claim he had a photographic memory a few nights ago on C2C? hahahahah

He is the dumbest bastard to have a photographic memory I've ever seen or heard about.

I've said for a long time that we are in for a treat when he decides to make up a story about seeing a UFO. He knows he is not smart enough to pull off a really good sighting so I predict it will be short lived with not too much detail. haha

Waco, Texas

4:52 PM  
Blogger zoso36 said...

what a bunch of racist rednecks. Obviously he's over "Y'ALLs" red heads!! Ha ha ha ha ha heeeee!!

7:15 AM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Yanno, zoso, ( btw- what do you think zoso really means? Page ain't sayin'... I tend to believe it's something he just made up. Still love him, though.) usually I'd just let a comment like that be, since you didn't cite any specific gripe. But! I see that you've started a couple of blogs of your own, which causes me to suspect that you're a thoughtful person who doesn't flit about the internet leaving snarky comments just because you can. *** Of course, I also noticed that you'd merely started the blogs, and hadn't posted further, but I'm sure there's a good reason why you haven't.***

People get busy with other things. I understand. And the platform for "Escape Darkness" is very broad and ambitious. Hard to know where to begin, I reckon. ***

Furthermore, it appears you're a fan of MP White. Anybody who is into Marco can't be all bad. (Insert big, snaggletoothed, redneck grin here.) I'd really love to see you do at least an initial post on that blog, telling your potential audience how & why it is that you've become a fan of MPW. I'd like to read what you, and others, have to say & share concerning Marco. *** I'm inclined to presume you're a chef also. I have a lot of chef friends - love 'em to death. Chefs in general are a special breed. It would be a really entertaining read - your Marco blog ( or even just a blog for "great chef stories" in general ) -- I hope you get around to doing that one day. *** Anyway, I do have one specific question for you, and I'd really appreciate an answer. If you're a chef, then I know you'll have the balls to honestly answer it, and not just disappear into the cyber-ether the way most many cyber-hecklers do. ***

QUESTION: What part of my post - or any of my posts - makes you call me, or any of the other commenters, "racist" ? ***

Thanks for your time. -DB

5:01 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Shit. Sorry, near the end, I said,

"What part of my post - or any of my posts"

-- I meant,

"What part of this particular post - or any of my (other) posts ..."

I just woke up, and my already sketchy proof-reading skills are sub-standard. Noticed several other writing errors as well, but am too lazy to correct all of them. :-P

5:17 PM  

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