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Maybe Someone IS Paying Attention...

How ironic that several hours after I posted my screed on George Noory holding spontaneous show planning meetings while on the air, the first "guest" on Coast to Coast that night was former and now re-instated producer, Alan Corbeth. Also ironic is that Noory's fifteen-ish minute on-air chat with Corbeth sounded like a business meeting in and of itself. Not so much the important part of the meeting where things get done. More like the aftermath. The part that comes after The Big Guy, The Fixer, attends the Real Meeting with the worker bees of the staff, discussing all the important issues and strategies for overhauls and forward movement and then bumps into "TheTalent" in the hallway on the way out, exchanging pleasantries, assuring him he's doing a great job and telling him everything's going to be just fine.

The C2C website frequently has up a message to the fans soliciting them for guest ideas and contact information for anyone they think would be a good guest, and there have been a few times when Noory even mentioned it on the air, as well as actively soliciting any random callers that seem to have an interesting story that seems remotely legitimate. For long time Coast fans, I don't need to tell you that when Art Bell ran that show - with the help of producer Lisa Lyon (who is still a producer) and Alan Corbeth, there was never a lack of interesting guests, nor a need for the new, ridiculous & juvenile "Floating Format", which basically means that they're flying by the seats of their pants and will take any guest (often procured at the last minute) that will be on, for whatever length of time they can manage. The current Coast shows also frequently resort to their current stable of "stand by guests", who in essence are just media whores who are happy to be called to talk any old time. Your Richard C. Hoaglands, Stan Deyos, Jerome Corsis, et al.

Part of the reason Art, with the help of Lyon and Corbeth, always had great, interesting, intelligent and unusual guests - guests you'd never heard of before, (As opposed to members of any given Star Trek related show, Gary Busey and Pat Boone - to name a few.) was because Art Bell reads books. Fiction, non-fiction- it matters not. He once said he tries to read a book a day. Mind you, he managed that while doing 5-7 radio shows a week, which he did a great deal of the prep work for, often including contacting the guests and setting up the interviews himself. (I'm pretty sure Noory's "prep work" involves reading all of the Coast fan forums, I've caught him on one five minutes before his show was supposed to start.)

The staff behind Noory is much, much larger than Art Bell's triumvirate, and yet they still seem to be scrambling, and Corbeth did little to dispel that impression, saying of Noory's staff, "They're just in there churning out guests as best they can..." and shortly after that , Noory said,
"Now it's time for us to continue pushing, because I think the insight you've been able to bring now to us from before and basically sitting and listening for four years - you're really gonna help us to continue to cantapult this show beyond anything that's going on in the country."
( Yes, he did say "cantapult", and yes, I did transcribe it exactly the way he said it.)

For a couple of months I've been noticing an increase in negative chatter concerning Noory and his performance on various Coast fan message boards that even allow that sort of thing. More than the usual grumblings and critical observations. Furthermore, the fans who are expressing displeasure have gotten to the breaking point, and are actually organizing to take action and try to do something about it, rather than just bitch. They're calling local radio station programmers, contacting sponsors, contacting various agencies to see the "books" on the show's ratings to see how much smoke is being blown up their asses... they're getting mad as hell and they really not gonna take it anymore.

The natives are restless, and it appears that someone in the Coast to Coast camp has finally taken notice. Enough so that somebody , and by the Noory / Corbeth exchange, it doesn't appear to have been Noory, decided that they needed to pull out The Big Guns and make some serious changes. From Noory's words and inflections, it seems that at least one person on their staff finally said, "Enough is enough - we need help, and we need help bad, and the only guy that's gonna get it done right is Corbeth."

Corbeth stated that his role will only be part time, and from what he said, it appears that he will be in charge of procuring good guests in a timely fashion. Good God let's hope he does. Of course, the best guests in the world can't make a difference if Noory doesn't read their books and understand the subject matter, so we'll see if Corbeth can really work some magic and either convince Noory to actually read a book now & then, rather than skim it for "the meat" , Evelyn Wood-style, as he claims to do. (Everybody who believes that raise your hands...)


I thought it was funny that Ian Punnett talked in a warm, friendly & comfortable way about Corbeth, even chuckling and calling him "Uncle Alan", but the normally cocky, egotistical Noory was reverent to the point of grovelling. A complete suck-up. He said,
"....I have a special role for you in my heart, because you helped put me where I am today. And the fact that you're gonna be there pushing and carrying us for years to come, and as long as you want, is very important to me."

As a geeky aside, the copy or Corbeth's bio that Noory was given to read as his introduction is here , and if you have Streamlink and are able to listen to the show, you will have a brief example of what I've been trying to tell y'all for years, and that is George is not a good reader, does not have a firm grasp on grammar, and he tries to ad-lib his copy which adds to further mistakes in grammatical continuity.


Blogger Jinxy said...

You need to promote this blog on the C2C forums. I'm sure there are more people dying to discuss what a pale imitator Noory is compared to Bell.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Patty said...

Hi Dix! Here I am. I love your blog! Whenever I come across someone on FF who says something about the Idiot, I will just post your link. I don't think Linn would plank my ass for that. Hell, I may even write a thread about an "enlightening " blog that I came across! LOL This latest one about Alan is so right on. I heard him that night. He is the biggest suck ass I have ever heard . Have you written to Alan yet? I've been thinking that maybe he really will "fix" the show (ie. dump the idiot)if enough of us let him know what we think. If PremRad hired him back, they must put plenty of trust in him to correct the problem. Also, I wanted to disagree on something to show your blog is "fair and balanced" LOL, but DAMN GIRL ! I cannot find anything to disagree with ! Good Job ! I shall return very often! Keep in touch.

2:59 PM  
Blogger OidarAM said...

OidarAM here>> Well dumb ass Linn should see just how wrong she has been for a long time now.

We know she has many names to post under on her FF fantastic? I think NOT!

I wonder how she will now face the fact that many of the true fans have left the ship or been given the boot for speaking out?

I say these things as I am sure she will read them. I just wanted to giver her the middle finger here! and tell her to KISS my ass!

oh and suck my DICK!

Ok now I feel a little better as I have been one to hold back for years.

Thanks for this site!! Keep up your good work>>Dixie>>kick some more ass!


3:24 PM  
Anonymous Agent K said...

Dear Dixie Butcher, bless your heart for this wonderful blog. I am having a great time reading your well written thoughts about George Noory. I could not agree with you more!

For him to be so inept for so long and still keep that job is amazing.

Last night,(2/5-2/6) he had a guest on who wrote a book about heart problems and different therapies. A nice lady calls in asks the guest a few heart questions, the guest was clearly concerned about the caller and questioned her further, after he asked the caller another question about her health, Noory says "she's listening on the radio." What?? Noory hung up on her. He hung up on her and lied that she was listening to the radio now. I just pictured the poor woman saying hello, hello into her dead phone. Of course right before hanging up on the lady he was busy patting himself on the back about covering this important subject of heart problems for his audience. What a jackass!

11:33 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Thanks to all y'all, muchos gracias. Senor Jinxy (I guess that's pronounced 'Hinxy' ? ) & Patty - good ideas, except I think a lot of those sites don't let you post links to "competition".

Good to see you, too Oldar - glad you made it! Wish I could post more often, but I have other stuff I enjoy doing too, and Noory screws up so fucking much it really would take days just to point out, analyze & jot down all of his idiocy.

I enjoy doing what I can, though. :)

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Dixie, the old Coast we loved is dead and the one of George Noory is bleeding and anemic - dieing a brutally long and painful death at the Chosen One's own hand.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Agent K said...

Hi Dixie, Did you hear the show last night? (Thurs. 2/15, with Jeff Nelken re:food health) George asked his usual stupid questions like, "does bleach kill germs?" and "does it matter what kind of appliances you have, brass or stainless?"(???)God help us!

12:28 AM  

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