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Noory Does a Tribute to Himself Tonight

Way-huh-huh-ellll.... not exactly a tribute, per say. But tonight's Coast show will focus entirely on the book George Noory co-wrote, called Worker in the Light. Which, by the way, you can read all sorts of fun things about here. Besides the reviews, there are a lot of interesting comments in the discussion forums at the bottom of the page. One astute fellow even delves into the whole "charity" thing that Noory pulled when first hawing the book.

For the moment, I'm just here to give y'all a heads up on the show - you should listen - especially you, Texassteel. Tonight's show will be chock-a-block with falsehoods and comedic ego stroking - I PREDICT!! Sure, sure, I hear ya - he is the most insufferable when he's talking about himself, and tonight he'll be puffed up like a blow fish. ("Hmmm. Tasty fish. Tasty fish. Tasty fish. Poison fish!!!") But tonight, if you listen closely and read between the lines, I'll bet that Noory will hand you all kinds of ammunition for future diatribes against him on a silver platter.

He's gonna hang himself worse than that Michael Hutchins from INXS. Go out while stroking himself. So grab a notebook and pen, people - you may draw different and better conclusions that I will, and I want to hear them all!

Meanwhile, Agent K graciously turned me onto this swell "Official" George Noory Sucks Thread , submitted for your approval. Shoot, Aint Dixie is so far behind the times, y'all have probably been aware of this for ages. But just in case, there it is for ya!

Say, did any of you hear last night's postulation, where Noory starts telling guest Robert Conaway that he thinks Earth is a prison planet for all of the Universe's most fucked up souls (of course, he didn't say "fucked up", but... you know...) however he, and some of the other few "good souls" on this planet came from a "different batch" - his words - a different batch of good souls. Did ya? Did ya hear it?!?! (And then there's this partial quote I jotted down, "Every ancient civilization --The Mayas, The Incans, The Buddhists...." it was around 2:48am EST.)

Lord. If this planet is for all the evil, twisted, fucked up, ignorant, grotesque, wicked entities from across the Galaxies, then they had you in mind first, George Noory. If that is true, then "It's a George Noory World, We're Just Living in It" would be a true statement.

One more quickie, while I'm here. Has anyone noticed how little promotion Ian's show gets from the week day Coast to Coast, and on the website and all? WTF is that about? (Noory's ego, duh.) But really -look at the website. The box to "advertise" Ian's show, the one to click on to get his past show lists and all - it's DINKY!!!!! It's tinier than anything else on the page. Noory's book, and announcements about that fucking retarded t.v. show get way bigger "ads" than Ian does, and his show is part of the Coast to Coast family of shows! What the fuck is up with that?

You know Noory isn't paying for his ads for his extracurricular endeavors, and Coast to Coast Live isn't anybody's extracurricular endeavor. That's part of the revenue generating Coast to Coast family, and the show is growing by leaps and bounds as far as garnering affiliates - even without anyone on the regular Coast staff getting behind it. So why treat it like a red-headed stepchild? It's like the want it to fail.

Hell, when Ian calls in on Friday night shows to do his little promo spot for his show, George will first talk all over Ian with utter bullshit, use up half of the allotted time, then shove Ian off telling him his time is up. He's a very insecure little man with a very big ego, I tell you what.


Anonymous Agent K said...

Tonight (Friday) when Ian called in he asked about that SciFi show. Well, that was it, it was all about George after that.
I did go looking for the advertisement for Ian's show at the C2C site. Good thing I had my bifocals on. Do they even mention Art anywhere? I didn't see it, just a big picture of sourpuss George.

2:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another thread from GLP about the Noor:

Notice the person who claimed to have worked with him in the 70's and how the crew nicknamed GN "Mr. Ego".

(There are other Noory threads at that site too.)

12:20 AM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Thanks, Anonymous, after having read most of those posts (some are funny, some are spot on, some are both, and some are just plain stupid no matter who they're sticking up for) I hope you realize that a lot of them are phoney baloney things people are just doing to fuck around - like that Mr. Ego post. And the ones goofin' on the FF and other places and people, including me. (uh. gee. I'm flattered?....)

Gotta pay closoe attention, Kiddo. Don't believe everything you read. There's a lot of spazz kids and other young minds working over there.

Also noticed someone cross posted one of my blog entries without asking. I suppose it would be futile to ask that you ask my permission first, but my email is right up there in the right corner if you care to do so. It's the right thing to do. :)

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I realize there's a lot of trolls on that thread and many, if not most, of the posts have to be taken with a dose of salt.

That wasn't me who posted your blog comments there, by the way. I always credit people when I quote them, and include links too.

Did you have a chance to watch the much-touted SciFi show?

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Patty said...

Hey Dix, It's been awhile! I tried to post a comment awhile back and just couldn't get it to go. I think it's me. Can't figure it out, I guess! LOL! Wondering if you have read the blog from Jeremy Vaeni ? He was on the show Thursday nite. Did you happen to catch any of it? If not, you should hear it. Noory was obviously in his own world and Vaeni paid for it. Check out the show and his blog if you get a chance. Much fodder!! LOL!!! Then, with the guest host last night, John B Wells,(who did a fantastic job,BTW) I am left wondering if Norry got dumped,(prayers answered), or if perhaps he is in hospital.It was really THAT bad. Almost sounded as if he was having an unfortunate health incident or something. Dunno, just wondering. Have you heard anything?

6:24 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Patty! Good to see you again, girl! Don't be a stranger. (Like I should talk- I so rarely post. Doh!)

anon, I *did* see the t.v. show - and think I may have to do a bit about it. Lord, child, it stank on ice, didn't it? Still, he was much more tolerable on television- for one thing, he had a script to follow, so he couldn't say anything but so dumb, right?

Of course, he is listed as Executive Producer. Heh. (laughing sigh....) ...yeah, I do need to write that one up.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Dale said...

I hadn't heard of the Noory SUCKS thread till you emailed me last week Dixie. Thanks! I haven't read it all yet and don't know if I will. (666 POSTS! there when I checked. Coincidence???) But just knowing it's there gives me peaceful satisfaction.

I agree about Ian's position on the C2C web site. Maybe we could get a collection together and buy a bigger banner for him? That would sure jerk a know in their tail.

I'm on the SPAZ (not much) but not posting on the GP board or any other public forum in any regularity. I've even left my own new blog idle. Not sure what to write about.

Oh yeah! I haven't seen anything in your blog about it but could easily have missed it. I'm going in order. One post left. Anyway, did you see the blog entry for George's guest - Jeremy Vaeni?? George gave him the boot and he blogged about it. Good read. I may even try to catch his part of the show. But first I'm reading your latest post here.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dixie Butcher you are hilarious.I had a hard time getting through your first two posts about George Noory.I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair!And it's all fucking true!That's the best part......I didn't know other people were fed up with him until last night. He pissed me off with the Ouija Board cop out.Then he pretended to be a hero when he backed out!!!!!!!That media whore!That's when I did a search for George Noory Sucks.Who knew links would come up?Thank God,It kept me from getting an aneurism.I'm not sure I spelled that right but you get the picture.We need Ian on more and I use to realy like Barbara Simpson,she never put up with any crap.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Kenneth Williams said...


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