Thursday, October 12, 2006

Art Bell RAWKS

In a recent post in a Coast to Coast fan forum in a thread discussing how the inimitable late night radio host Art Bell's politics seemed to have changed, The Great One Himself paid a visit to set the record straight on some of the fans' observations and speculations. Here's what he had to say:
"First please return to the start of the show and review the moment when I said "I am going to play the devil's advocate" after digesting that line, know this:

The Bill of Rights and the Constitution can only be enjoyed by the living, the 3000+ who died on Sept 11th no longer enjoy them.

Much of what I said was as Devil's Advocate, much of it was exactly what I believe, I simply over did the part I was playing to expose the extreme positions being taken on the other side, how many of you have been roasted by your bedsprings? Or perhaps toased by your cell phone?

Listening to a talk Host agree with everything a guest says is the worst
Sin in Broadcasting, BORING. I am not a one trick pony, never was, never will be.

1. I do not believe our own Gov't killed it's own people.

2. I do believe that as in WWII ( We are at War) and times have changed, that SOME lines need to be crossed with oversight or many of us will have to have those rights inscribed on our tombstones to have them recalled.

3. Why do peole write angry letters to me saying they do not listen to me anymore, and by the way.....last nights show really sucked?

Art Bell"

I so wish he would have added:

"P.S. And stay the hell off of my lawn!!"

But he didn't. I can hear him saying that though. If I was slightly more shallow, I'd say "Art, Baby, don't ever change!" But one of Art's greatest qualities is his ability to change. To roll with what life throws at him, and question everything. The guy is the epitome of smooth. Somehow he has transformed hobbies and interests that many equate with socially handicapped geeks into Sheer Unadulterated Cool. He makes being smart "sexy". He defies convention in ways that rock stars wish they could. When he purrs his signature invitation, "Wanna take a ride......???", it's not the voice of a pocket-protector wearing dweeb with his glasses taped together on the nose bridge. It's more akin to the irresistable menace of Marlon Brando in "The Wild One" . He defies convention. What's Art Bell rebelling against? I bet his answer would be, "Whaddaya got?".


Blogger Jinxy said...

Uh, oh!

Another blog for Aunt Dixie. Now we'll never get anymore e-mails.

P.S. When Shaniqua and I put Abby in her jammies, sometimes we only zipper it up to her belly and then we stand her up and do a ventriloquist act as we move her hips from side to side with her belly hanging out what looks like West Virginia longjohns and we say,

"Goddamnit, you kids! Stay the Hell offa my lawn!

MILDRED! Those damn neighbor kids are steppin' on MAH LAWN!

Now find my my pack of Marlboros, woman!"

7:28 AM  
Blogger teresius said...

hey dix! i went through all of the hoops and got me an account! the word verification thing was "lectople" and i believe that i'll have to use that for something! now we have a new place to play and rip noory! yee-friggin-haw! what're the rules here anyway? it said that i have my own blog too (sounds ominous, can i get it removed?) hey wes! i hope you're reading as well! keep transcribing the show for dix until she can stomach noory again, all right? you're a good man! hope to hear from ya'll soon!

2:46 AM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Thanks for reading, Jinxy-san, you're a darlin', I realize your interest in Coast is only slighty more than your apathy about NASCAR, but I do know you appreciate state of the assholism when you read it, so I will strive to meet your exacting standards. :)

teresius -
First rule is: The laws of Germany
Second rule is: Be nice to mommy
Third rule is: Don't talk to commies
Fourth rule is: Eat kosher salamis
-The Ramones

Just kiddin'. The only rule is, "Raise Hell, man! Raise Hell! "

10:25 PM  

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